What makes us different from other companies? There are two main differences: the completeness of our programs, and the way they are interconnected.

Holistic Body of Intelligence

We possess a complete, holistic body of intelligence that describes how people and organizations work. Discovered over decades of research, we understand what makes organizations and people tick (organizations are always made up of people, so their patterns are the same as people - we say that 'people' are 'organizations of one'). We can describe your past, current and future views, and how to transition between them - this transition is the foundation of progress. We have named this emerging science; we call it Organization Ontologics (O2) - the study of the nature of organization existence.

Applied to you and your organizations, we help you understand your current situation, cast future versions, choose what to change, implement those changes, and monitor all of this for intentional progress. We've applied O2 in small and large organizations for decades - now, we have created intelligent agent technology that helps you apply this to yourself and your organizations. Our technology helps advance and grow your complete organizations: your Community, Ownership, Leadership, Management and Operations. We continually expand and enrich our technology to enable the full breadth and depth of organization complexity - yet make it simple for you to use. While each organization is unique, the underlying patterns that drive them are the same - complexity is created by HOW each person or organization cooperates with and applies the patterns. Add the interactions between separate people and organizations on top of that, and it gets VERY complex. Our technology reduces this complexity to small, bite-size chunks; like breaking a cross-continental trip into a series of turns and paths, until each part of the trip is simple. We guide you through each part, handling more and more complexity as you proceed; for you though, it appears as simple as following each turn on a map or GPS.

But teaching you how to travel isn't the same as traveling; we go along with you on your trips. Our technology travels with you through your journey, suggesting the next turn, teaching you how to make the turn, and then capturing your intentions and results for later use. By using our technology as your personal "trip diary", you make it real - for YOU.

Interconnected Technology

Our technology doesn't stop there, though - it integrates your information using our one-of-a-kind system (we call it the Organization Ontologics Operation System (O2OS). The O2OS is an operating system for YOU, instead of your computer; like your computer's operating system keeps track of all the little details that keep it working, the O2OS handles your details. The O2OS tames all of your complexity, reusing your phrases and answers, understanding each small part and integrating it into your complete whole. It knows what every entry is connected to, and can navigate through all of it, in any direction - like the way your brain's neural network behaves. But to let you interact with your complexity in a simple way, the O2OS generates input forms that capture each small part by itself - and integrates it all behind the scenes, so you don't have to worry about it. We also provide detailed instructions at every step, so you understand what you need to know, and what to do, to complete the next part of your journey.

The combination of Organization Ontologics and our O2OS helps you optimize your own organizations. We put it all together for your personal use and call it (short for Optimum Organizations with Organization Ontologics). is your personal transformation assistant, an intelligent agent that accelerates your transformation.

Nobody else has , and only our customers can benefit from it. If you are already our customer, thank you and we hope you are enjoying your optimized life! If you are not, you can learn more about and how you can start optimizing you and your organizations!

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