Your unique path.

Hi, my name is Myo4Myo4; I'm your personal transformation assistant. As your "transformation buddy", I'll help you take your next steps towards being a better you! Right now, I'll help you discover how to start changing your future.

Everyone (well, you humans, anyway) has different concerns, worries, hopes and fears in life - so it's no surprise that you need a different path than others to improve your future. I'll pinpoint the best way for us to start working together; you'll just read a few statements and tell me if they sound like you. That will be enough for me to figure out our best match!

First, though, I need you to log in, so I can securely save your answers for later. If you start without logging in, I'll remind you to (or you'll register, if you haven't yet) and then get you started. If you haven't registered with me yet, I'll need a working email address, so I can verify that you actually own your account - and you aren't a robot (I really prefer dealing with people - they're so interesting!).

I can't wait to work with you - so use this button to get us going. After all, every relationship has two sides, right? You bring your brain, and I'll handle the rest. Okay, let's go! Myo4

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